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Steve Beachy

We are convinced that Steve is a cast member of the 1985 movie Clue who never made it to the mansion that fateful night. Despite his clever choice, Steve seems to have found the hidden passage that connects Marty’s Butcher & Cheese Shop to the Cafe Kitchen. It is really no wonder that he is comfortable in both because besides 80s movie star, Steve’s past life includes working in top-rated restaurants such as Craft and Saxon + Parole. As Butcher, Steve’s a nose-to-tail chef gone rogue, and we’re all the better for it!

Ariel Alexander

If Annie Oakley were alive today, she might have been a lot like Chef Ariel. Granted, Ariel’s not quite a sharpshooter, but she, like Annie, grew up in the middle of nowhere and ended up in a field mostly consisting of men.  (Or in our kitchen, wayward, yet loveable boys.) Just like Annie was never too far from firearms, Ariel’s never too far from fire—both in the kitchen and outside of work, where Ariel has a passion for fire eating, fire hooping, and other fire arts. Ariel strives to surprise with her dishes, mixing up techniques, local foods, and untraditional flavors that never miss the mark.

Johanna Klotz

One day Johanna weeded very small carrots for six hours. This meditative (and sort of boring) task yielded both slight back pain the next day and some serious respect for organic foods and those who grow it. Armed with a Masters of Arts in Food Studies and a fair amount of sass, Johanna is an advocate for sustainable farming, justice within the food system, and really good vegetarian reubens.

Lawrence Capozzolo

As Marty’s Market IT guru, Lawrence must wonder from time to time how the rest of us made it to 2014 without having technology meltdowns daily. In a field that’s constantly changing, Lawrence often knows what the business needs before we’re even aware that the printer needs more toner. Though his work his acutely modern, Lawrence cherishes his family’s Italian foodways, using seasonal and often garden-fresh ingredients to create traditional meals.

Regina Koetters

It’s scientifically proven that the earth’s magnetic pull is located below the Fourth River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. What else could explain the draw and deep commitment of Navy veteran Regina Koetters to the Paris of Appalachia over every other city in the nation? When she’s not busy studying the local dialect, Regina makes time for sustainable development and strengthening the regional food system as the founder and leader of Marty’s Market.